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Use this console app (and it's supporting classes) to update the system time on the local machine.

Does statistical analysis on the results to ensure no outliers can drastically affect the result.

DOES REQUIRE ADMIN ACCESS (due to updating the system clock API call), but it can be run as a System Task (use "-nopause" switch to allow the program to close automatically without the "press any key" prompt)

Logs results to the folder from which the program was started. (use "-log" switch)

Can do "what if" runs if it needs testing. (use "-nochange" switch)

Force a change if the clock is way off from the rest of the Net, else program won't make drastic changes, or very minute chances (less than 20 milliseconds). (use "-force" switch) TIME ZONE MUST BE SET CORRECTLY ON THE MACHINE!

Keeps a record of the servers that have not failed to return a result, but that list can be reset in case of problems. (use "-resetlist" switch)
(more server statistics to come)

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